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Purpose of plating is to prevent corrosion of metals but also to improve their appearance.


With chemical cleanings we remove previous metal platings, paints or rust and prepare the object for treatment.


We specialise in providing specific metal polishing options, tailored to the individual application.


Metal plating is the process in which metal film is adhered onto another metal.
Purpose of plating is to prevent corrosion of metals but also to improve their appearance.
All metal plating proccesses taking place in baths with chemical solutions by electrolysis.
Copper plating
With the copper plating, the copper layer is adhered onto the metal surface in order to correct the surface from damage and is the basis for subsequent plating.
Nickel plating
The nickel is used as prevention for corrosion and smoothing the surface of the object.
Nickel is a hard metal, and therefore are quite resistant to abrasion.
Chrome plating
With chrome plating we ahieve a perfect aesthetic result and further increased resistance to corrosion.
The thin layer of chromium adhered to the metal surface as a reflecting mirror and is used in car accessories, boats, motorcycles and various household items.


The services we offer to our customers include:
Chemical metal cleaning paint and rust (a process which is essential before any metallization)
Removing Nickel plating (a process in which the coating of nickel removed from the items and return to their original form)
Dechrome (the process by which the chromium coating is removed)


Our company in cooperation with other businesses provides the following services to their customers.
Electrostatic powder coatings in RAL colors just by selecting exactly the color you want.
Varnishes oven to keep unchanged the polished or metal plated objects.
The varnish oven gives a perfect result without blurs and has a longer life than the simple air varnishes.

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